Institute of Sport Engineering (ISE)


To be in the forefront of innovation in physical sciences.



Stretch all resources and competencies to challenge the status quo of engineering solutions in sports into innovation to create new opportunities.



  • The objective of iSE is to culminate staff and students’ experience in engineering sports programmes or projects that requires them to demonstrate the application and mastery of the sports competencies and challenges.
  • The Projects’ undertaken are under the spirit of sports’ flagship in which UNISEL shall provide a real-world experience for students in the community working environment which uses knowledge, attitudes and skills obtained in any projects undertaken. This culminating experience has to be relevant component in the sports industrial requirement.
  • In conjunction with the UNISEL philosophy of “Leading Transformation” – projects undertaken shall demonstrate the students’ ability to synthesize and apply the knowledge, skills and attitude acquired under the sports facility and requirement into the real-world issues and challenge the ability to win. This shall affirm students and staff’s ability to plan critically and creatively without jeopardizing the UNISEL’s masterplan. It can be done by solving practical problems, demonstrate mastery and application of leadership skills and attitude.


The objectives of projects undertaken is summarized as follows:

  • To provide students with opportunity to synthesize the knowledge and skills acquired from their courses/programs, leadership experiences and co-curriculum involvement into one project;
  • To prepare students with leadership quality in a global world;
  • To improve students’ marketability by allowing them to showcase learning, in-situ solving problems and leadership skills after their graduate;
  • To allow students to extend their academic experience of leadership into areas of their interest;
  • To provide students with the opportunity to refine leadership skills and good attitudes as well as to demonstrate their proficiency;
  • To demonstrate students’ ability to work in group and individual to accomplish real projects, and
  • To assist students in refining and honing leadership in an organizational scenario.



Associate Professor Dr. Ir. Muhidin Arifin